Fitness Club

- Fitness promises you a better life -

European Fitness Club offers you more!

At the heart of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre at Stockel, European Fitness Club offers you high quality equipment for your cardiovascular and muscular exercises, many collective courses and a sauna space.

Quality service guaranteed

A passion for fitness

Professional and flexible

We make every effort to ensure that your visit is a moment of total satisfaction.

This insistence on always trying to be better certainly comes from our physical education teacher training, but also our ambition to share with you the passion of Fitness.

The little touches like the shampoo in the showers are, among others, the brands of the service we want perfect. In all areas, including prices, we strive to do better. All the little extras make the difference.

Mens sana in corpore sano


Modern life, your profession and your obligations leave you little time . Enjoy your few hobbies. Our extensive schedule aims to meet the most varied demands.


Morning , afternoon and evening European Fitness Club fully satisfies customers!

BE 0424.191.886

ING: 310-0537915-39

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